Growing Pains

31. This is.

There’s something terrifying about turning 31. I mean as I faced my 30th birthday, just over a year ago, I wasn’t worried. I thought to myself, “30 will be no different from 29.” But it was. My body changed in ways I never imagined, I experienced adventures I never anticipated, and I fell in love… Continue reading 31. This is.

Growing Pains

30 Years The Wiser

06/09/1988 In just a few short hours, I’m turning 31 years old. What has 30 years of life taught me so far? It’s like, where do I even begin? There’s so much to say and yet, it isn’t impactful until you actually experience the years yourself. And yes, I bet, there’s so much more to… Continue reading 30 Years The Wiser


Moving: Full Circle

Home is where the heart is. But what if you haven’t had a true “permanent” home your whole life? Your heart ends up being broken into little pieces; one piece left at each place I’ve lived. I used to hate that my family moved every 3 years or so. And it wasn’t just moving from… Continue reading Moving: Full Circle

Inner Angels & Demons

Self Love: Under Construction

It’s impossible to be 100% confident and secure in yourself 100% of the time. And this week, I hit a few bumps on my continuous journey of self love. Up until about four or five years ago, I had very little self esteem and zero self worth. The last five years have been a rollercoaster… Continue reading Self Love: Under Construction

Love & Loss

A Relationship That Lasts?

I'm sure the internet is riddled with formulas and fixes for relationships. I've just entered a new relationship after two years of being single. I'm very mindful of my past mistakes. I'm also very aware of my limits and standards. I've realized for a relationship to have the potential to last it needs to have… Continue reading A Relationship That Lasts?

Health & Fitness, Inner Angels & Demons

Embracing The Journey

Sugar coating my story may make it more comfortable to read and digest, but then what point would there be in sharing it? Like many girls, I grew up in a home that idealized the "model" body and so perpetuated that as what was beautiful. This meant that from a very young age, when I… Continue reading Embracing The Journey


Why Makeup is so Important to Me

I create this amazing picture and post of an item I absolutely love, but often find myself hesitating to post it onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As my thumb hovers over the "post" button, I am awash with worry. Am I posting too many pictures of this makeup? Am I being pushy with my love… Continue reading Why Makeup is so Important to Me


Pecan Carrot Banana Bread

This morning I woke up with the inspiration that I should make a fusion of banana bread and carrot cake. How have I never thought of this before? For the past two years, whenever I noticed that our bananas were getting ripe (which was every time we owned bananas), I would tell my boyfriend that… Continue reading Pecan Carrot Banana Bread

The Teacher Is In

The Egotistical Teacher

There is an art to teaching well.  Despite the multitude of books and information out there about teaching well, there is a trait, I believe, that is integral in any good teacher. If you don't have it, no book will be able to help.  The teacher who does a good job teaching doesn't just know… Continue reading The Egotistical Teacher