Phone Games

Phone Games

I am addicted to games. I’m constantly deleting games off my phone because they take over my life. When I was introduced to Candy Crush, every moment of free time was consumed. I slept later every night, playing just one more level. I woke up playing it, before even getting out of bed. I even played it while driving- you know on the red lights (mostly) Within a couple months I had gotten to level 382. Then I quit. It got boring, but it also took over my life. I found myself choosing to play the game over sex. That’s when I knew I needed to delete it.

When I deleted Candy Crush I deleted all the other games I had- Ruzzle, Words with Friends etc. I’ve not allowed myself to get into a game like that again.

Until Trivia Crack. I’m already on level 45 and have only been playing it for three days now. Thank god I’m on break, or my work would suffer.

At least it’s educational, right?


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