Car Accident


I’m sitting on a low cement sign that welcomed people to the city on the corner of a busy crossroad with six lanes. A friend is beside me. On the corner across from me is a park. In that park is a family (or two) playing on the grass. There are a few toddlers, a girls about 10 or 12 in a bright yellow shirt and an older teenager. Their parents and some other adults accompany the children.

The family begins to pack up, they near the corner of the crosswalk. Without anyone noticing three toddlers dash into the street. I jump up with a start as I see three cars on three lanes try to slow down to avoid the horrific bloody accident that was bound to ensue. They have the green light & didn’t notice the toddlers until it was too late. I was just about to witness the slaughter of babies.

But that ten year old girl in her yellow shirt dashes into the street somehow pushes the toddlers back into the sidewalk, which also forces her deeper into the street. She does a little dance in an attempt to escape being hit by the cars.

One car passes, the driver shocked and relived by the narrow escape. The second passes and the girl barely steppes out of its way. And then she has to jump back to where the second car had been less than a second before to avoid the third car. She is safe as she runs back to her family, and with her teenage sister, scoops up the three toddlers and safely takes them to the other side of the street.

She then comes back, but is on my side of the road. This all happened so quickly. I truly thought I was going to witness the deaths of those innocents. Instinctively, I yell out, “Hey” as she passes me and I reach out barely grabbing the girl’s arm. She’s surprised. Her face was drawn tight in serious thought. Before either of us knows it, I am hugging her and crying uncontrollably.

“You are the most beautiful person,” I sob.


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