Diamonds are Temporary



My parents never had a ring to symbolize their love. Even though they did end up divorcing 25 years into their marriage. But that’s not the point.

I’ve never understood the seriousness people put on things that are considered “traditional” in a marriage. Mainly the engagement/wedding ring. First of all, since when did diamonds become so important and integral to an engagement? The first thing anyone asks when they find out she just got engaged is “Can I see it?”

It being the diamond on the ring. For a moment, no one cares about anything else but judging the foundation of the relationship & the closeness of the two by looking at how big the diamond is. I, myself have done this before.

Some take it even further and instantly begin to bet against themselves as to how long the marriage will last based on nothing else but the diamond on that ring finger.

I can only imagine the stress and anxiety this creates for a man who is truly in love with his woman but just can’t seem to live up to society’s expectations. Is the rock big enough for her, for her family, for her friends and for his family and his friends?

We’re made to believe that the diamond engagement ring is a tradition- something that’s been happening for at least a few hundred years. Call me old fashioned, but it’s more “new fashioned” to give a diamond engagement ring.

Yes, the engagement ring can be traced all the way back to ancient Roman and ancient Egyptian times. But they had nothing to do with diamonds. Even some of them were just simple iron rings. A way to quickly and with the least amount of embarrassment know who is “taken” and who “available”.

Besides, why is everyone glossing over the fact that diamonds are cheap. There’s plenty of them to go around. I’ve actually heard that rubies are one of the rarest gems available. Why aren’t rubies more expensive? More hyped up? More sought after?

And then there’s the issue of the diamond itself. It’s clear. Colorless. Boring. And just about every married woman out there either has one or resents her husband/wife for not getting her one.

Why would any woman want to be exactly like the next? Why not give unique rings that show the couple’s personality with a multitude of color and different metals?

Are women so gullible that we are so easily swayed by being told what we should “want” and “expect” for our “big day”? Media is all over that sh*t. Force feeding little girls that she’s truly found love when s/he gives her that huge diamond and the glorious wedding that comes with it (but that’s another post).

Is that really what true love and happily ever after are all about- how big that diamond is? I’d like to think not.


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  1. Love this post and concept. I completely agree with you. Are we really all clones and easily brainwashed in what we perceive we want? The sacrament of marriage is what matters. The underlying meaning and bonding, not the cost of a piece of jewellery!

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