The Teacher Is In

The Egotistical Teacher

There is an art to teaching well.  Despite the multitude of books and information out there about teaching well, there is a trait, I believe, that is integral in any good teacher. If you don't have it, no book will be able to help.  The teacher who does a good job teaching doesn't just know… Continue reading The Egotistical Teacher

The Teacher Is In


Talking to my students brings so much insight to my life. They're always so inquisitive and curious about what brought me to their school and how my life has turned out. This last week, I had them writing mini-memoirs. As is to be expected many students just looked at me and were like, "We don't have… Continue reading Mini-Memories


Artist or Career?

So my childhood dream is to become a famous writer. My current dream is to be a know writer. At least known among a niche. And to teach writing as a professor. I've done my part. Graduated with a 3.69 from the University Of Michigan with a degree in English and a teaching certificate. I've… Continue reading Artist or Career?

Current Events & Opinions

JeSuisAhmed: A Commentary

I've been keeping my distance from all things to do with the horrific act that occurred in France recently. I felt that if I got into the conversation, I would do what most Muslims like me do, try to defend my religion and condemn the fanatics -who carried out the attack- on the deaf ears… Continue reading JeSuisAhmed: A Commentary


End of Break

Usually I spend the last day of my winter break scrambling to get my lesson plans in order and prepare for the onslaught of overly-freedom-intoxicated students. Usually I'm worried and nervous. It's always stressful to prepare for a day that my students don't welcome. I don't blame them, as much as I love teaching and… Continue reading End of Break


The Problem With Technology

My high school used technology (computers, word processors, and Blackboard) extensively. I couldn't turn in any hand written essays, I received all my assignments online and communicated with all my teachers via email. Yes, not many schools were doing this back in the early 2000s, but it worked for my small public high school of… Continue reading The Problem With Technology

Reading & Writing

Breaking The Art of Not Asking

I believe I have perfected the art of NOT asking. Reading The Art of Asking (or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help) by my new heroine, Amanda Palmer, is really showing me how flawed my art of not asking really is. This book and her insight is really helping me notice… Continue reading Breaking The Art of Not Asking