Inner Angels & Demons

It’s In My Nature

It's in my nature to want everyone to be happy with me. Which makes no sense when my career is teaching. I will never be able to make everyone happy. If I'm pushing my students to a point they feel is beyond them, because I believe in them, they'll hate me for it at that… Continue reading It’s In My Nature

Inner Angels & Demons

Regret Me Not

I don't regret things. Or at least I'm trying not to. I'd rather learn from my mistakes instead of look back and say "I wish such and such never happened" or "I wish I never did such and such" or "I wish I didn't accept such and such". I used to resent the choices my… Continue reading Regret Me Not


Rabbit Fever

I had just dropped off kenn at his university and headed back home. When I walked into our empty and silent apartment I noticed his backpack on the floor and in one pocket his phone was ringing. Oh no, he forgot his phone again. I grabbed it. Answered and it was kenn. The reception wasn't… Continue reading Rabbit Fever

Inner Angels & Demons

To Listen or Nah?

It's come to my attention (over the last three years) from someone who is as close to me as close can be (ehm) that when I listen during a conversation I don't actually listen. He loves to talk in complex and lengthy monologues with endless analogies. The king of analogies. I usually get what he's… Continue reading To Listen or Nah?

Inner Angels & Demons

Free: Self Depreciation- Needs To Go ASAP!

It's that day every female despises. You wake up not in the best of moods, take a shower, and start getting dressed. After you discard your 5th outfit (yes, you've already tried on five- and two pairs of jeans won't even fit past your thighs) your mind begins to whisper evil things to you. It… Continue reading Free: Self Depreciation- Needs To Go ASAP!