This page is the hardest to fill. What do I share with my readers? What do I keep to myself? It’s always a toss up. Do I just share the typical pieces of information? That I’m in my late twenties living in Houston (new here!), that I am a high school teacher who loves teaching (nothing new), that I aspire to go back to college to get an MFA in Creative Writing- Non Fiction (finger crossed!), and that I’m blogging again (blogged for 3 years and had pretty great success, but then life got busy).

Is this just mundane information? Should I share more about my tastes in things like books (reading a lot of non-fiction lately, but an eternal fan of fantasy/supernatural novels), food (I love to cook and love eating, I do hate seafood though), and music (my preferences vary, thanks to Pandora and Songza I have infinite new and different music to listen to)- or is this information also just mundane?

Do I write something simple and witty? Like a tagline: avid reader, writer, teacher, artist. And leave it at that? How typical, I would think.

Do I talk about what makes me stand out? Being multiracial, living all over the world, being one of nine children and knowing how to speak two languages (plus sign language). That may be a little more interesting.

Or do I talk about what I’m doing with my life now? I’m writing again (after much too long away from my art) and my experiences teaching at an urban/title 1 school (which I love, but reaching burnout).

I’ll just leave this for now and come back and change it up every now and then.

My sites:

Twitter: @TheKloude

IG: TheKloude


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