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Why Makeup is so Important to Me

Why Makeup is so Important to Me

I create this amazing picture and post of an item I absolutely love, but often find myself hesitating to post it onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As my thumb hovers over the “post” button, I am awash with worry. Am I posting too many pictures of this makeup? Am I being pushy with my love for this brand?  My biggest fear is that I’m becoming that dreaded spammer that everyone hates.

Do my friends and followers think I’m spamming them? Do they feel I’m pushing them to buy a product they have no interest in? Am I blowing up their timeline?

Surprisingly, there are many times I cancel my post and save it for later or for never (eventually being lost in the labyrinth my phone album filled with 6000+ photos).

And the dreaded day came, an acquaintance of mine sent me a message on Facebook telling me that she didn’t know why she was seeing so many of my posts (aka it was blowing up her feed) and that she believes that I’m beautiful with or without makeup (as if to tell me not to try so hard- at what? I have no idea).

The new reveal that my favorite makeup company, Younique, came out with on July 1st (3D Fiber Lashes Plus) got me all excited again about sharing all these amazing products with my friends and followers. But it didn’t squash my apprehension and anxiety over how others will take it. Not one bit.

Being the reflective person I am, I spent some time thinking about why this makeup is so important to me. Why I still post about it and haven’t given up on it yet (like I’ve given up on Pure Romance, for example).

I definitely don’t wear it for others. Not for any man or any woman. I often wear makeup when I’m not doing anything or not even leaving the house for the day.

And I love love love playing with my makeup and experimenting with it when I’m home alone.

I started wearing makeup late in my teens (like 19 years old!). My family looked down on people who did and often scoffed at any “girly-ness” that is exhibited. The tomboy I was as a child wasn’t natural for me. It was forced. I admired the women and girls that got to do up their hair and wear makeup and dress fashionably, while my hair was disheveled (my father often called me a cheetah) and covered at all times when in public; I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup of any kind; and always dressed super conservatively.

To top it all off, I had a terribly thick unibrow- a special gift from my father- and a mustache! Yes, a mustache! (It was such an embarrassment).

So imagine having to maneuver the world of beauty and makeup when you’re already an adult. And not waiting that long because you chose to, but because you weren’t allowed to.

These are some of the reasons why I embrace makeup and fashion and hold them so dear to me.

I wear makeup for me, because I love it. Not because I wear it for others.
But why Younique?

I used to be a Sephora addict. Buying all this expensive makeup that I wear for maybe a month and then for some reason it no longer feels right and I no longer like how it makes me look. Not a single makeup product I bought from Sephora was ever used up in its entirety. I always ended up throwing the makeup away when (in the best case) I’d only used up half of it and (in the worst case) I’d used it a handful of times and then “lost” it in my makeup drawers and then had to throw it out when I realized it’s been expired for a year already.

In the few years I’ve been wearing makeup (before switching to Younique) I threw away hundreds (thousands?) of dollars on my makeup. Yes. Threw money away. I may as well just have flushed the cash down the toilet. (This is when I feel like I’m a telemarketer with all my cliches that ring so true)

Not only does Younique make the best mascara but I’ve used every single Younique product I’ve purchased. Until there wasn’t a drop left.

I have so many reasons why I love this stuff and want to share it with everyone. And when I think about all of this, I realize that this is why I am so passionate about this brand.

I wish I could get angry at myself for letting how others react to what I post affect me. But it is who I am. I care about how people perceive me and I care about what I do that affects them (even when they can just unfollow or unfriend me or choose to hide my posts).

I will continue to post on social media all about the wonderful brand of makeup that I use and I will continue to fight the apprehensions I have at how others will react.


Beauty Standards

Beauty Standards

Like many girls, I grew up wishing I was skinny. My parents helped destroy my self image by praising the sisters who were skinny and criticizing the sisters that were the least bit overweight. As a kid that grew up in the 90s, the images I was surrounded by were of tall, lanky, athletic (verging on anorexic) models and this became my ideal of what is beautiful. 

I am the complete opposite of these “beautiful” people. I wasn’t exceptionally tall or lanky and my curves were anything but athletic. Sure I have a smaller waist but my legs and thighs are massive in comparison.  And so I developed an unhealthy dislike towards my body. I knew deep down that no matter how much I worked out or denied myself foods, I would never be as “beautiful” as those models. 

Now, I’m seeing a shift in what society considers “beautiful”. It’s all about the hips and the big asses and boobs. It’s all about the curves, as long as they’re in the right places. The ideal beauty now has an incredibly small waist and encredibly large breasts and bottom. And though I fit more under this ideal than the ideal of the 90s, I still find myself hating my body. 

I truly believe that the “beauty standards” of the world have nothing to do with making women feel beautiful and empowered, but more to do with making us feel like we’re rats in a maze always out of time trying to find the prize that is a skinner and prettier you. 

These unattainable standards are destroying women. We have grown mistrustful of one another- she’s prettier or uglier than me. We’ve become more critical- what the hell is she wearing? We’ve become too judgmental of one another- she’s a slut!

I know of many women who don’t tend to have close female friends because they’re too “catty” and “full of drama”. I wonder if our beauty standards have any role to play in this phenomena. 

I really doubt I’m the only one who’s had these thoughts. And I feel that if we don’t do something now, we’ll continue on this women hating trajectory to the point that our daughters daughters will all but hate and mistrust one another. 

I refuse to believe that women have always been this way. 

And it’s not just about the weight or body type that we obsess over. It’s also our hair, our skin, our features, our voice, maybe even our thoughts. Are we, as women, just highly conscious of our beings or was this implanted into our psyche through our environment? I have no idea. And to be honest, it’s really wearing on me. 

I spent the better part of today, refusing to allow myself to think negatively about any aspect of myself. And it’s hard. And I Just barely succeeded. It doesn’t help that I’m back to my heaviest weight, my hair won’t grow, I’m bloated and have broken out in zits all over my face and chest. But I refuse to allow myself to obsess over any of this. I’ve had enough. I have to accept my body, the sensitivity of my skin, the stubbornness of my hair and the fact that as a woman my body likes to do crazy things like get bloated.  

I have to live in this body for the rest of my life. It’s time I treat it like a friend and not a prisoner. 

We have to interact with one another keeping that in mind. We didn’t choose our body shapes, we didn’t choose our skin or our hair, we didn’t choose our physical features. We decide what is most important to us and go about our lives focused on that (whether it’s our beauty, careers, families or a mixture of all). It’s time to be more accepting and loving towards our fellow women. Kick the judgement, the criticizing, the mistrust, the hate to the curb.