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It’s In My Nature

It’s In My Nature

It’s in my nature to want everyone to be happy with me. Which makes no sense when my career is teaching. I will never be able to make everyone happy. If I’m pushing my students to a point they feel is beyond them, because I believe in them, they’ll hate me for it at that moment.

Even in my personal life, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy- if I do I’ll be lying to someone- even if that someone is only me.

It’s in my nature to shun confrontations. I remember nodding my head when my dad would lecture me on how I shouldn’t have the friends I have or how I should be more pious and obedient.

It’s in my nature to try and sugar coat things so that I don’t hurt people’s feelings. Word what I have to say as nicely as I can even when I wish I could just bitch them out. Even my road rage comes across as somewhat motherly.

Because of my nature I may never have the most successful blog, climb the highest ladder in my profession or be the happiest person around. And it’s because of my nature that I have to go against my nature.