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10 Things Non-Celebrators Do On Christmas

10 Things Non-Celebrators Do On Christmas

Have you ever wondered what people, who don’t celebrate Christmas, do on Christmas Day?

It’s no secret that I don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter or any other Christian related holidays.

So here is a list of things I’ve done on Christmas Day while everyone else was celebrating:

1. Clean the house
That’s what I actually did with my boyfriend today before we headed to the airport. We’ve been complaining about the clutter and never actually fully unpacked. So today, we woke up and got cracking. Nothing is open so we have no excuses to run errands. Christmas Day is the perfect day to get some deep cleaning done.

2. Catch a flight
Not many people travel on Christmas. And because of that I believe flying on a holiday tends to be cheaper than right before or right after. This is also something my boyfriend and I are doing. We snagged a great deal on flights and will be visiting our old home in Michigan for a few days.

3. Not running errands
Just like I stated in #1, we won’t be running errands since shopping centers and malls turn into ghost towns on Christmas. I made the mistake one year of not stocking up on food before Christmas and forgot it was Christmas. I tried the grocery store and was a little lost seeing it closed. Then it dawned on me quite quickly why there were no cars in the lot. I felt very stupid that day.

4. Not working/studying
I’ve decided since other people celebrate this day, I should take the day off from lesson planning (or when I was in college- from studying). You know, in solidarity.

5. It’s just like any other day
I’ve had years where I forgot it was even a holiday (more prevalent when I was a kid). Christmas never meant anything to me and so I went about my day with the inconvenience of shops being closed.

6. Movie time!
Yes, even non-Christmasers go to the movies on Christmas.

7. Gym at home
As I’ve already mentioned the world is CLOSED on Christmas and gyms are no exception. So we have to make do at home.

8. Catch up on that dusty reading list
It’s so convenient that all the TV channels are running Christmas related shows and movies. Those get old to me and so since there’s no where to go, I find myself reading a lot more in December than any other holiday. This is the perfect time to dust off our reading lists and actually get the time to read.

9. Clean out the cage
If you have a pet you probably decide this is the perfect time to clean up after them. My pet snake, Seschet isn’t messy and her glass home doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. But it does need to be cleaned out completely every now and then. Christmas is an opportune time to get cracking.

10. Sleep
Yes, some Christmases, I slept all day, or at least well into the day. Even this Christmas I didn’t get up until after eight (which is sleeping in for a teacher). I’m sure many people off of Santa’s list got a few extra Zs this Christmas.

What are some things you find yourself doing while the rest of the nation is celebrating?


Christmas Candy



Is it sad that I look forward to the day after Christmas more than anything? Half off Christmas candy!

Actually, I think I just lied. Easter candy is the best. But they don’t have mint M&Ms during Easter.

Have a great Xmas everyone who celebrates. And if you don’t, have a great day off!