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Lovin’ The Coco


So I’m definitely NOT in love with that Coco song. I was forced to watch the video about a week ago. What a stupid video to go with an equally stupid song (what is the world coming to?) I think I laughed at the guy the whole time I was watching it.

It took me a few days to finally get the song out of my head (ugh stupid catchy chorus that is repeated 10 million times in one 3 minute song). Then I came across this picture and it made me reconsider my love for “the coco”.


I guess in my own way I AM in love with the coco.

Here are some ways I use coconut oil:
1. Body Lotion: scoop out, rub on and ready to go! So much cheaper than fancy lotions that have chemicals and dyes and perfumes.
2. Face moisturizer: bye bye zits & pimples! Use just like you would any face moisturizer
3. In yummy smoothies: add a tablespoon or more to your usual recipes. Doesn’t change the taste but can give an added boost of energy.
4. In capsules as a supplement for energy and weight management.
5. Lube: yes, it’s great. It’s one all natural ingredient. And helps keep you healthy down there.
6. Hair mask: before shampooing, melt some in your hand and rub into hair. Focus on the ends. Allow to sit 20 minutes at least or overnight if possible. Then shampoo out. (Tip: put shampoo in dry oiled hair before rinsing. Will help remove the oil better than if you dampen you hair first then apply shampoo.
7. Styling cream: I use as little as possible so as not to weigh my hair down, but I have soft thin hair that is easily weighed down.
8. Body scrub: coconut oil, honey, sea salt- great to keep the post shave/wax bumps away. I even started gently using it on my face & chest where I tend to break out and after just one use saw immediate improvements.
9. In place of butter or olive/veggie oil (doesn’t burn out when cooking!)
10. Lash thickener: put a little on eye lashes before going to sleep- it promotes hair growth so I’d assume you can use it on eyebrows as well.
11. Wrinkle/cellulite reducer: rub in as needed where needed see #1
12. Check this site out for 107 everyday uses for coconut oil.

So to sum it up, I am 🎶 in love with the coco 🎶