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Tall People Problems


The longer I date a tall man, the more I realize that this world is not tall (or short) people friendly.

Door frames are too low for him and he’s constantly ducking to avoid hitting his head. Airplane and car seats are too tight that even the shortest trips are deemed not worth it. Toilet seats are too low. Sinks are too low. Mirrors cut off his head every time.

And I can’t seem to be able to take a selfie with him without cutting off part of his forehead. Let’s not talk about how it’s virtually impossible to find shoes for his size 17 feet or shirts with long enough sleeves when we go shopping. He drinks a bottle of water in two gulps and I’m sure toothbrushes are much too small that it takes him twice as long to fully brush his teeth. He can’t go on half the rides at amusement parks because his long legs don’t have enough legroom or his torso is too tall to allow the body brace (harness?) from fully closing and locking into place.

People are naturally wary of him even though he’s the biggest softie I know. Or they’re drawn to him and ask him personal questions like how tall are you (6’7″) or what size shoes do you wear or can I put my palm up against yours (I can fit both my fists inside one of his). They tend to be enamored by his height, but I’m beginning to believe him when he tells people “Being tall is overrated.”

What are some other things make life difficult for tall people?