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New Year: Old Me



2015 is nearly here. We’ve made it 15 years into Y2K and it seems like everything is going to be okay.

My New Years’ Resolutions have never gotten me very far. This year I’m going to make them actions that can hopefully become habit. And I’m keeping them positive.

I’m also starting small. Four resolutions sounds about right.

1. Every time I find myself putting my body down, I will name at least one thing that I love about my body. There are many more things I love about my body than dislike. It’s easy to focus on the “flaws” and forget the bigger picture. It’s time to banish those negative thoughts once and for all. It’s time to love the skin I’m in- flaws and all.

2. I will take the time to enjoy my food when I eat. Eating slower is linked to eating less and having a better relationship with food. I don’t want eating to be something I do while I’m doing something else- I want it to be the main event for the 30 minutes or so it takes to finish a meal. So I hope to get into the habit of putting my phone away and not watching TV while I take my time to eat.

3. I will take care of me- mind, body and soul. The past few years, my focus has always been: I need to lose weight or I want to be 25lbs lighter by December. This time around, I just want to be healthy in all aspects of my being. I want to just take care of me, listen to my body and give it an environment that will allow me to thrive.

4. Save money (10% minimum each paycheck). It’s time to buckle down and start putting those dollars in the piggy bank called savings. I’m looking to hopefully start grad school this fall and really would like a small cushion just in case. The grad program won’t allow me to work full time and so I’ll need to save as much as possible now. This means less eating out, evenings out, movies out and most of all less shopping. This will be difficult since I’m definitely a shopaholic.