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End of Break

End of Break

Usually I spend the last day of my winter break scrambling to get my lesson plans in order and prepare for the onslaught of overly-freedom-intoxicated students. Usually I’m worried and nervous. It’s always stressful to prepare for a day that my students don’t welcome. I don’t blame them, as much as I love teaching and my students, I don’t welcome working again.

I look back on my break and am very content with what I achieved, which amounts to zero work, spending quality time with friends back in Michigan and lots of catching up on my sleep. I didn’t even check my work email until a few days ago and when I saw that not a single email was from administration, I turned my laptop off and went back to binge watching That 70’s Show.

I love that my school district provides teachers with a teacher prep day (yes I’ve never worked at a school that did that!). I get a whole day of work tomorrow preparing for my students instead of prepping on my last Saturday and Sunday of break. So instead of what I normally do, I’m making sure I’m enjoying my last day of break as much as possible. Or in other words, curled up on the couch, with a warm blanket, That 70’s Show playing and blogging on my iPhone.